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Artist Statement I hoped that my work would fix my brain. My dad died suddenly in 2015, with no warning. Overnight my outlook on life changed. All mental energy had been hijacked by grief, and my control of already-disordered mental health was thrown off a cliff. In going through his belongings, we found a huge collection of cameras. Grief had affected my passage of time and my sleep patterns. Weeks later, shocked I hadn’t recovered, I had Googled “human happiness” and it was linked to nature and plants, which lead to my buying a large sum of houseplants. It’s convenient for society to see things in a binary way. Broken and fixed. Sad and happy. We contain multitudes, and society is rarely open to this way of thinking. I am hop- ing to engage an audience with my bright, colourful plants, and discuss what grief feels like. I can still feel this loss, and also experience laughter. Grief doesn’t make everything black and white. The shift in my perception didn’t remove colour, happiness, or growth from my life - it just altered my view on those pillars.

Where it's been: The One of a Kind Show, The Artist Project, The Art Gallery of Hamilton, Collective Arts

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